Welcome to the Official Site for Splatmandu Paintball Club - Southwest Michigan’s premier recreational paintball field, located in Three Rivers, Michigan. After 20 years of service to our Community, we have decided to CLOSE THE DOORS to the Public after the 2014 season… but this doesn’t mean Splatmandu¬†is done; we are just pursuing other endeavors with the property!

Splatmandu also serves the community.
Throughout the year we may hold private events for AirSoft players, Corporate events, etc. If you are interested in requesting a date for a private event, please contact splatmandu@hotmail.com. Each year Splatmandu holds a food drive and all the proceeds are donated to a local women and children’s shelter. As part of the “deal” for using our property for your private event, we may also request that you bring a canned good for the food drive.

Splatmandu’s Property is maintained by those that love Splatmandu!

Many of the members who were a part of Splatmandu Paintball Club over the past 20 years take it upon themselves to donate their time, labor and materials on weekends to help maintain the property. Why? Everyone has their own reasons, but for many, it is the shear love of the property and the fellowship that comes with it.

Feel free to take a look around the website. Maybe you will see just why people from all over the world hold Splatmandu in such a high regard.

This website is made possible through the members of Splatmandu Paintball Club. It is designed and hosted by Eric Fritz. The site is updated by Jen Hohnke and Eric Fritz.

SplatmanBOO Haunted Forest: Our current endeavor for the property
Images Archive: Photos going back to 2005
News Archive: Photos going back to 2003

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