Past Scenarios

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Into the Darkness 2013 - The Story

Into the Darkness 2013 - The Story


Ten years after the battle of Knights vs. Darkness, the newly-formed Black Knights have discovered a terrifying truth… the Darkness is planning another return, bringing with it the Evil Hordes to decimate the kingdom that they are still trying to rebuild. To stave off this enormous force, the Knights have found a way to attempt to stop the [...]

2012: Scenario Challenge

This season we are again trying something new (afterall, we hate re-runs here at Splatmandu - and every year we “try something new”…nothing new there).
The 2012 Scenario is….”THE SCENARIO CHALLENGE”
In an effort to make things more “club friendly”, this season’s Big Game will be the FINALS of a full season of “Scenario Challenges”. Under this [...]

2011: The Aftermath

When the light fades, and darkness falls, it will be the light you fear. A time of war has fallen upon our heads. Those who sought to end chaos have thrown us into a chaos never seen before. Brother has turned on brother. Children have been left abandoned, and those who have survived, have only [...]

Operation: Shaka Laka BOOM, September 10, 2011

These photos go with the rest of Operation: Shaka Laka Boom

2007: Range Wars

written by Ted Cross
 Episode One
 The ten of us rode, our shoulders hunkered up and our chins tucked turtle-like, as the rain pounded us for another long night.  It had not stopped raining in three days and we were, all of us as well as our mounts, soaked to the bone.  Lightning flashed, and moments later [...]

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