Joe’s Referee Guidelines

Code of Conduct
• All players must be aware of and follow the Splatmandu Code of Conduct.
• The Code of Conduct is posted on the wall by the entrance to the Neutral Zone.

7 possible ways of getting eliminated from a game
1. Raising your hands in the air i.e., the universal nonverbal “I’m out” hand signal
2. Saying the word “hit” or “out.”
3. Having a paintball mark equal to or greater than the size of a paintball on you.
4. Having any grenade or landmine paint on you.
5. If someone bayonets you i.e., touches you with the barrel of a paintball gun.
6. If you leave the boundary of the field.
7. Displaying unsafe/unruly conduct.

• 2 reasons for saying “paintcheck”
1. You are concerned for either your own or someone
else’s safety.
2. You can’t tell if you have been eliminated and need to be checked.
• Taking advantage of the paintcheck rule (in order to slow the progress of the game) is NOT ALLOWED
• During a paintcheck
- Play Stops…period.
- No talking
- No Moving
• When a paintcheck is over the referee may restart the game by saying “barrels in the air,” and count down saying: “3,2,1, GO!”
• The exception to the paintcheck rule is when someone has “forward progress” on an objective ( i.e., going for the flag or gold.)
• If at anytime the ref says “Game On” the game resumes play.

Safe Distance Part I
There are many types of paintballers, each with his/her own preferences of playing style. So before you play a game make sure you know what is expected from you by both the referee and your fellow players. Some players will get very upset at being shot close up whereas others don’t mind at all.Often newer players get “bunkered” because they stay behind their bunker without engaging: leaving their opponent little choice of how to engage. It is preferred that players work every possible angle before committing to a bunkering maneuver. Shooting a new player at close range is not a good way to keep them coming back. By doing so, we just might run off players that could be great additions to Splatmandu.

Safe Distance Part II
Safe distance of operation advisements set by manufacturers in the paintball industry has been as short as six feet and as long as twenty-five feet. If your INTENT is to shoot someone OR offer a surrender to someone, then your INTENT should be to do it at a safe distance.As always, when determining what a safe distance is, use your best judgement and play with honor.

Safe Distance Part III
In paintball, players will inevitably breach what some would consider a safe distance. During such times safe play is strongly encouraged:
• Can you take two steps to be at a safe distance?
• Can you bayonet the player?
• Can you get a shot on a tank, gun, foot, etc?
• Would calling paintcheck be a safe alternative?
• In the event that a player is genuinely upset at being shot at close range, he/she deserves no less than a sincere apology from the shooter. It is up to the referee to decide if additional action is needed.

Objective of the Game
Every field and every scenario game in Splatmandu has an objective
Mine Field
• The gold (center/base of bowl) must be returned to your starting rail.
Hornets Nest
• Touch the opposing team’s rail, or elimination - depending on group preference.
Splat City
• Touch the opposing team’s rail, or elimination - depending on group preference.
Painted Forest
• Many variations involving the opposing team’s flag and/or fort.
Scenario Games
• Usually have numerous objectives.
Remember the objective in order to win

There is a 3 hit max at Splatmandu
• If any player gets hit and marked with more than 3 paintballs, a player from the opposite team must also be eliminated.
• On occasion, players will put themselves in a position where they are likely to get hit more than three times. When players do not object to receiving more than three shots on their person, no action will be taken; ultimately, it is for the referee to decide.

• There is no blindfiring at Splatmandu.
• Players must be able to see down the barrel of their paintball gun when shooting.

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