The Painted Forest

After walking through a massive set of doors, this is the first field you see as you enter Splatmandu territory.

The Painted Forest

You can either take the road around the Painted Forest or walk one of the many paths that cut through it. Of the combined 26 acres of Splatmandu, the Painted Forest spans approximately 10 acres. This field is predominately woods with all natural stick bunkers (some of which are chest or head high). In the summer the foliage gets very thick… watch out for snipers! If you like the woods, this is the field for you.

Below are some of the forts and buildings within the Painted Forest:


Fort Tippmann                                                      STAR Building


Hillbilly Shack                                                       Machine-Gunner Shack


Outhouse                                                             Chateau


Cottage                                                                Bridge

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