News Updates: February 2, 2013

Welcome to Splatmandu Pre-season 2013! Saturday we were unable to get much accomplished as there was lots of snow and bad weather, making much work on the fields next-to-impossible.  

Despite the cold conditions, Ted, Karl, Tony, Rod and James still came out to do their best!  The focus was on the Mine Field, but on gathering firewood and cutting up two more trees that had fallen in the bowl. This was a win-win: both for getting more dead trees removed from the field as well as firewood to warm Ted and Kathy’s house as well as Karl’s!

There is still plenty of time left to become a Groundhog for 2013. We still have three weekends left in February. Weather is supposed to be a little better this up-coming weekend (after another blast of snow to end the week) so here’s to a bigger work party this weekend. Thank you to our first 5 Groundhogs!


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