News Updates: June 1, 2014

What a beautiful - and HOT - day for some paintball! We bypassed Spring and went right into Summer! This weekend a lot of BOO prep-work was done on the fields.


Saturday, Nate, Tony, Ted, Kathy, Jen (and Amy supervising) made some upgrades to the Clown Building in the City. Using only scavanged materials from the fields we made quite a building! Poe, Holly and Sandra continued their efforts to the new building on the old Hillbilly Hilton site. It’s coming together really nicely and will be quite the scare when Boo time rolls around!

For Sunday, we’d like to thank all that joined us for our second Scenario Sunday of the season. In another throw-back to scenarios of past, we re-ran the “Antidote” scenario. The basic premise was the President had been poisoned and needed the Antidote. In only 30 minutes, the Attackers needed to get the Antidote from the Cottage and return it to either the STAR Building or the Alamo extraction point. The Defenders needed only to keep the Antidote from reaching those extraction points…. pretty simple game right? Not for those that participated!

Teams were decided using the “draw a green or purple paintball from a bag” method. In a roughly 18 on 19 game, Captains James and Rod each took turns as the Attackers or Defenders, with James’s team (Gray) starting off defending.

Time was of the essence, but that is easier said than done in a hot, muggy forest! Rod’s attacking team (Red) broke from the Neutral Zone and ran wide flanks both through the Snake River Bridge as well as along the right tape line, with a small force pushing straight up the middle through the Mag Valley bowl. If eliminated, the Attackers needed to re-insert from the Neutral Zone, while the Defenders had to re-insert from the Bridge near the Cottage. Here the Defenders were allowed to store additional paint to re-supply themselves rather than returning to the Neutral Zone.

Although several Red attackers broke through the Defensive lines of Gray several times, in the last 5 minutes of the first round Gray fell back and formed a line on the road in front of the Cottage, making any attempt at the Antidote nearly impossible to complete. The game ended with the Antidote safely in the possession of the Defenders, which meant the President would die this round. 

After a break to hydrate and eat some delicious hot dogs served by Josh and Stephanie, the game was flipped. Rod’s team (Red) were now the Defenders at the Cottage, while James’s team (Gray) were the Attackers. Both having learned from the first round, out of the gate the Gray Attackers pushed fast and hard over the Mag Valley bowl ridgeline, and held the Pentagon area and surrounding forest. The Red Defenders held the Gray on this line for most of the game, stalling out with neither side taking much more ground. With only minutes left in the game, the Gray team rallied one final push, making it to the Cottage and overtaking the few live Red players left, but unfortunately were eliminated by reentering Red players as the horn sounded, also unable to retrieve the Antidote for the President.

Although in both runs at this game the President was never saved with the Antidote, it was still a heck of a game on both sides, and a ton of fun to watch! We hope everyone has a great week and we will see you soon!

Sweet Jodie girl...

In more sad news, The Splatmandu Dog Pack is light yet ANOTHER dog - leaving us with two. Jodie Foster decided to pursue new adventures in her 900 year life (we always joked that she was a vampire dog and has lived many lives). She was let out late at night a few weeks ago to do her business and never returned. The search was long and exhaustive over the next few days but we were unable to find her. She will be sorely missed. We choose to believe her job was done here at Splatmandu and she has moved on to be loved by another family. She just appeared on the property 10+ years ago, so it is only fitting that she has moved on to bring others as much joy as she brought to many of us.


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