News Updates: May 4, 2014

Splatmandu Season TWENTY is underway! Since this will be the last season for Paintball, we were pleased to see so many familiar faces, as well as many new players! For our season opener, we had 52 waivers signed, 43 of them being players in today’s game.

It was mad rush to finish preparing the fields for today’s game. On Saturday we got the remnants of the Hillbilly Hilton and a broken tree removed from the field, the Neutral Zone netting was resecured and prepped for Sunday, the beginnings of a new building on the edge of the pasture was started and additions were made to Fangorn Fortress. Thanks go out to Ted, Nate, James, Mark, Tony, Poe, Holly and Jen for getting out there to make sure the fields were ready! We wouldn’t have been ready to open the fields this year without the pre-season effort of a select few. The fields looked great; we all know there is more to get done, but this was a great start over the past few weeks, considering that terrible winter we had.


Today’s scenario game was awesome… basic Attack/Defend, but with a twist… diffuse a bomb!  This game was split into (2) 30 minute games with a break in the middle. Teams were selected by drawing one of two colored paintballs from a hat. After the Ted’s reading of the game’s objectives, teams were sent to their Captains (James or Rod) for a strategy session. Rod’s team started off Defending the bomb in Splat City. The bomb was placed under the stairs of the Rent-A-Car building. Each Defender was given 3 poker chips to signify their lives. If eliminated, they had to drop their chip (ideally) on the stairs of the Rent-A-Car, or at least within a building in the City to reinsert. 

The attackers, led by James had a numbers advantage, as well as a MEDIC!!! If an attacker was eliminated, they needed to get to the nearest cover and shout for the Medic to come heal them. If the Medic was eliminated, he needed to reinsert from the Neutral Zone.

The first round was a doozy! James and his attackers attempted to push from all sides and many great battles were seen from the treelines as well as the Pasture. With only 3 minutes to spare, Captain James made an amazing “gun-free front-hurdle” over the half wall of the Rent-A-Car and pulled the red wire from the bomb, ending the game.

For the flip, Rod’s team were now the attackers. Learning some of the tricks from defending in the last round, Rod’s team made early and hard pushes from the edge of the City nearest the garden and also from the Smuggler’s Den side. Jerry from Rod’s team diffused the bomb in the Rent-A-Car with 9 1/2 minutes remaining.

Both Captains were lucky enough to have Andrew as the Medic for each game. He was running all over the place saving lives! Awesome job Andrew… it was great to watch and quite an effort; I know both teams really appreciated your quick feet and blatent disregard for your own body to heal them!

Many commented that this game had an “Alamo” feel - but with a little less in-your-face type of game play. There were many great moves made by both the attackers and the defenders. There were some friendly-fire moments, but with a crazy game like this, it was bound to happen… especially in the I-building. The corners are so tight, you have no idea who is lurking inside, friend or foe!

Today was a great day and everyone had a wonderful time. Most paintball was completed after the scenario, although a few small groups hung around to play private matches. Thank you again to all that came out today, and thanks for the canned goods! We got a great start on our 2014 DASAC Shelter donations. Thanks especially to Mike (PeeWee) for raiding the Costco to get a truck load of goods.

Our fields are now officially open for play each Sunday. We will be continuing our Scenario Sundays on the first Sunday of each month, with the finale on September 21, 2014. This is the last year people so make it count! We are also working on improving and maintaining the fields each weekend. The Saturday before the Scenario Sunday is also a BOO work day, so if you are involved in The Boo for this year, have any ideas, or want to work on your set, this is the day each month to do that.

R.I.P. Cammie

R.I.P. Cammie

On a sad note, many of you regulars may have noticed that the dog pack seemed a little light this weekend. Cammie Faye Barker is no longer with us. She passed on Friday afternoon, surrounded by her two-legged family. She will be SORELY missed; she was an amazing dog and she will remain in our hearts and memories forever.


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