Splatmandu CLOSED to Public - Ready for new Adventures

From Ted and Kathy Cross-

After 20 years, loads of memories, and our strong desire to “move on to new adventures”, the property CLOSED to the general public after the final BIG GAME on September 21st 2014.

This does NOT apply to our Key Members and the large “family of 110ers” (if you have sat around the kitchen table, you know who you are).  Of course, Rod/Tony can organize a paintball game any time they want to.

Things are changing, true.  But life IS change…and change is good and not to be feared.  Ted and I are grateful to what Splatmandu brought to us…most notably are the wonderful friendships we have made over these twenty seasons.  Our feelings for our friends are strong enough that even if we don’t see them weekly, we think fondly of everyone and every day.  We are thankful that Jen and Shannon documented our youth in the DVDs that bring back instant memories. Sobwal’s Sanctuary is there now because of Joe and High Noon’s efforts, for all of us to enjoy for many, many years to come.

There will be more days of Paintball (just not weekly, and more likely organized by Rod).  There will be more days of Airsoft (also not organized by T or K)….and now that The BOO is back, it is a built-in family reunion.

Be safe - and until next time..

Ted and Kathy Cross


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