Moving on a Budget: 5 Ways to Plan Ahead and Save

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Moving can be a costly undertaking whether you’re moving to the next neighborhood or different state. The collection of boxes, furniture and delicate pieces can cause your costs to rise beyond what you may have expected. If you plan on making a future move, you’re sure to find the following five ideas budget-friendly.

1. Research Your Moving Options

Before you begin the moving process, you’ll want to research your moving options. This will help you keep costs down and better prepare for your move. There are specific months of the year such as May through August that are more popular than the others. You’ll also find the beginning and end of the months to be busier than the middle weeks.

If you can plan your move around the busy times, you can take advantage of significant savings when a moving company is less busy. You’ll also need to determine if you’ll be doing the move yourself or hiring a moving company. You’ll want to do your research and interview several candidates before choosing a company. You should also get your agreement in writing and highlight any extra costs.


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2. Use an Online Property Locator

An online real estate locator can help promote savings when you view the area online. If you’re looking to move, an online real estate locator can offer numerous cost effective benefits such as allowing you a virtual tour of a property located anywhere, whether it is a Dallas or Alexandria real estate property. It can also help you find a real estate agent and determining the right price for a home based on past sales.

They also offer the latest technological advances such as mobile phone apps for when you drive past a location and would like to find more information on the property. To make your real estate experience pleasant and easy on your bank account they also offer information on the current trends, market values and interest rates, so you won’t pay more for a property than you should.

3. Gather Your Packing Supplies

If you begin planning for your move ahead of time, you can avoid paying top dollar for using supplies and boxes from a moving company. This will allow you time to gather boxes and other moving materials from your local grocery store and retail establishment.

4. Get an Accurate Inventory

If you’re thinking about enlisting the help of a moving company, you’re going to want to give them an accurate feel for the inventory that they will be moving. You can do this by clearing the clutter and getting rid of any items that you’ll only dispense of when moving to your new location.

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5. Be Ready and Prepared

When you’re moving day arrives, you need to be ready and packed. Wasting precious time by being unorganized will cost you more in the long run since many companies are based on an hourly rate. If you’re doing the move on your own, you should be organized and ready to go as soon as you pick up your moving truck to avoid late fees.

Purchasing and selling a home is costly on its own. Planning ahead for your move and factoring in the above budget-friendly ideas can allow you to save significant money when traveling to your new destination.