Technology Trends – Change The Way You Live

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Businesses across the world are speeding up as a combination of changes in society and technology coming together. Some of these changes are global and others affect you on a personal level. Most of them leave a big impact on your business and everyday activities. Find out what are the technology trends in the year 2021 that will change the way you live.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is creating a buzz like anything. With the launch of e-commerce sites such as Flipkart and Amazon, people have become crazy to shop on their phones via intuitive apps and mobile-friendly sites. You no longer have to manually enter your shipping and credit card details the first time you shop at an online website. The mortar and bricks retail is slowly degenerating with the establishment of Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

What Will The 5G Network Mean For You?

Being able to download a lengthy HD movie in seconds and share your thoughts with friends- that’s just the beginning. The true worth of 5G is the chance it presents for business, people and the world at large: towns, industries, regions, and cities that are more associated, smarter and more sustainable. If that is enough, the 5G networks will give you the ease to use drones and driverless cars, permitting them to communicate with other smart vehicles in their vicinity. It is allowing industries to renovate themselves. And it’s beginning now.

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Prescriptive Analysis

Until now, analytics tools mostly focus on descriptive as well as predictive applications. This means they would permit for historical data to be better represented and arranged to permit a better understanding of the changes that have formed and for data to be utilized to make predictions about future behaviour and events every time. Nevertheless, prescriptive analysis adjusts specific variables to achieve the best outcome and then prescribes that course of action. It has already acknowledged the application in the oil and gas industry.

In the past 5 years, technology has changed so fast that it’s very tough to grab the sheer scale of innovation underway. The majority of interesting innovations have been mentioned. Whatever happens, 2021 will be an interesting year for many companies and entrepreneurs.